The Best Haggis on the Shoulder of a Monkey!

You’ve seen the pictures, you’ve read the books and stories, now experience the extra special! Experience excellent whisky matured in age-old oak. Experience the essence of Scottish whisky in the warm-heartedness characterised throughout the ages by the Scottish Way.

Enjoy the hospitality and the theatre, the drama and the uniqueness – all the fine things that make up our beautiful tradition!

Come and enjoy a dram in the heart of old Scotland and feel the mystique. Taste the mystical. Let your mind go, and travel through the mists of the ages. See Scotland, feel

Scotland, taste Scotland. Where else in the world would you find these unique whiskies, each with their own story and history? (and this is letting you in on a few very well preserved secrets)

Cardu Whisky

As you sip this smooth Speyside bred Cardu Whisky, it effortlessly conjures up the East Highlands of Scotland in a whispers breath.  Cardu is a single malt Whisky with a sweet oaky honey taste, which melts the coldness away and brings out new life in you as you drink.

Monkey Shoulder Whisky

The fun, enthusiastically named Monkey Shoulder Whisky pulls you quick and deep with its single malt blend made by the Balvenie and famous Glenfiddoch distilleries.  This William Grant & Sons combination has a distinctive smoky sweet malty taste that is pleasing and memorable.

Smokehead Whisky

The mysterious Islay Smokehead Whisky; a Scottish single malt Whisky with a touch of new things to come in every sexy, peaty, caramel sip.

Port Ellen Whisky

Pot Ellen, the Mackay single malt Whisky with wisdom and warm memories that entices every intrepid drinker to come back again for more of its sweet fruity smokiness.

Whilst enjoying the best whiskies in the world, in the perfect setting, why not also enjoy the best haggis in the world?

Come and taste, come and experience! Tell your friends.