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The Best Haggis on the Shoulder of a Monkey!


You’ve seen the pictures, you’ve read the books and stories, now experience the extra special! Experience excellent whisky matured in age-old oak. Experience the essence of Scottish whisky in the warm-heartedness characterised throughout the ages by the Scottish Way. Enjoy the hospitality and the theatre, the drama and the uniqueness – all the fine things that make up our beautiful tradition! Come and enjoy a dram in the heart of old Scotland and feel the mystique. Taste the mystical....


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About Us

Whilst enjoying the best whiskies in the world, in the perfect setting, why not also enjoy the best haggis in the world?

Amble along the charming and timeworn cobblestones of Cockburn Street, Edinburgh and you will easily come across our unique and fascinating pub; the innovative Arcade Haggis & Whisky House. We are the only Haggis & Whisky Pub in Edinburgh, providing over one hundred whiskies, a superb range of speciality fair trade teas and of course haggis! Our Whisky and Haggis Pub is also very handily located close to both Edinburgh Castle and Princess Street. Our relaxing and distinctive Arcade Haggis and Whisky Pub offers you a wonderful place to take a well-earned break after wandering the streets of Edinburgh or to rest whilst eating amazing food prepared using tempting locally produced food. Our traditional yet forward thinking Arcade Haggis & Whisky house is one of the oldest bars in the City Of Edinburgh. Since 2007 our public house has been under new management and has since introduced haggis, speciality teas and increased the range of whiskies on offer. We extend a warm scottish welcome; there is indeed something for everyone here at the Arcade.

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Scottish Whiskies at Arcade

Whisky is of course Scotland’s most well-known beverage and Haggis is the distinctive food that only the Isle of Caledonia can offer at its best. The Arcade, Haggis & Whisky House offers you not only an outstanding taste of Scotland but a chance to take part in an overall enduring experience.

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Traditional Scottish Food

Dining at the Arcade Haggis & Whisky House is indeed an experience not to be missed. We cater for all kinds of tastes (including gluten free) and there is always something delicious for vegetarians on our menu.
We are always open for lunch and dinner and welcome you for an amazing breakfast over the weekend.
Our creative chefs design an exciting array of seasonal dishes daily so don’t forget to check our specials board!

Arcade's unique food experience

Arcade - Haggis and Whisky House

48 Cockburn Street
EH1 1PB Edinburgh
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