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Basic Tour£14.99

Balblair, Arran 1998, Auchetosan 12 Y.O., Laphroig, Dufftown 1997

Fancy Tour£19.99

Dalwhinnie, Scapa 1993, Auchentoshan Three Wood, Lagavulin 16 Year Old, Mortlach 15 Year Old

Luxury Tour£25.99

Longrow 10 Year Old, Arran Rowan Tree 1997, Glenkinchie Distiller’s Edition Amontillado 1992,Bowmore Darkest 15 Year Old, Imperial 1997



Full Whisky List

Highland malts

Aberfeldy 1990 ₤5.29

Vintage Aberfeldy matured in refill sherry hogsheads.

Balblair ₤3.19

Dark, rich and exciting.

Clynelish ₤4.19

Notes of almond and hazelnut with gristy sweetness and cereal notes.

Dalmore ₤3.09

Lots of cream toffee. All the time there's a delicate, malty spice buzz finish. Dlawhinnie £4.79 Elegant, smooth and medium-bodied with a light, fruity palate and a whiff of heather on the finis

Deanston ₤3.49

It is exceptionally easy-to-drink and is regarded as a perfect expression of a Perthshire Highland Malt.

Fettercairn ₤3.69

A thick, spicy single malt from the Fettercairn distillery, plenty of spicy fruitcake notes.

Glen Garioch ₤3.59

Another subtle, medium-bodied malt, with honey and rich fruity notes on the palate and a long, rounded finish with a trace of peat and spices. Glencadam £3.79 Sweet and herbal - spearmint. Full of spices, light taste of roasted cereal. Glendronach £3.89 Old style malt of the highest grade.

Glendronach Revival ₤4.59

Full of raisins, prunes, hints of chocolate and toffee.

Glenfarclas ₤3.39

Some cider apple skin... and some funny seawater notes.

Glengoyne ₤3.39

Remarkably smooth and fiendishly approachable.

Glenmorangie ₤2.99

Velvet textured with delicate, honeyed overtones and a burst of citrus softening into vanilla and almonds.

Glenturret £2.99

This is a pleasant scotch whisky with a huge amount of bells and whistles. Highland Harvest Organic

Highland Harvest Organic ₤3.99

Aged in oak casks to develop the depth of flavour and the authentic smooth palate of fine Scotch Whisky. When matured it is blended with aged grain Organic Whisky.

Hazelburn 8 Year Old ₤3.89

There are notes of orchard fruits and cut hay, a little chocolate and something floral. The palate is sweet and crisp with notes of fresh barley and a floral character. Slightly nutty. The finish is gentle and quite long with a fresh character.

Kilkerran Work in Progress ₤4.19

The second release in the Kilkerran Work in Progress series. Bottles will be released at regular intervals until the whisky finally reaches full maturity. It's a great way of watching the whisky develop. This June 2010 edition is part of a release of 15,000 bottles.

Lochside 1991 ₤3.89

Sweet, scented, hint of camphor and a toasted maltiness. Spicy, malty notes present.

LongrowlOYearOld ₤5.39

The nose is of medium-body. There are notes of cut hay and earthen roots, a little dried grass, cereals and malted barley. There is a certain freshness present and a very subtle smoke develops. The palate is quite tick and sweet.

Macphails 1997 ₤4.49

Sweet with a slight smoky edge. Fruity - grapes and plums.

North Port Brechin 1982 ₤7.29

There are notes of winter spice and ground ginger, hints of soft wood smoke and heather root and malmsey.

Old Pulteney ₤2.99

Dry, medium bodied and smooth with a clean finish: faintly salty with a slight sherry note.

Royal Lochnagar ₤3.79

A favorite of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

Springbank 10 Year Old ₤3.79

The finish is long and crisp with a coastal tang and a trailing peat with oaked dryness.

Springbank Claret Cask 12 Year Old ₤5.19

To taste it is soft and juicy and a little extra on the bitter buds.

Teaninich 1994 ₤3.49

A very clean, grassy, medium-bodied Highlander with a predominantly malty character. A real charmer, this is great introductory malt.

Tomatin 12 Year Old ₤2.99

A balance of apples, pears and malt with a gentle hint of nuttiness and sherry wood.



Island Malts

Arran Rowan Tree 1997 ₤4.39

Limited Edition from. Rich & spicy with a touch of pepper on the finish.

Arran 1998 ₤3.19

Toffee and vanilla notes. Plate: sweet, with hints of malt. Body: light. Finish: Short, with a sweet vanilla edge.

Highland Park 12 Year Old ₤3.29

A very spicy attack!

Highland Park 18 Year Old £6.99

Succulently smoky, silky and sweet.

Isle of Jura 10 Year Old ₤2.99

Medium-bodied with a delicate sweet palate, with a hint of brine developing on the finish. A great introductory malt.

Isle of Jura Superstition ₤3.49

A union of two Jura malt whisky styles: one bold, strong and peated, the other warm and delicate. Ledaig 10 Year Old

Ledaig 10 Year Old ₤3.49

There is a certain freshness, pertained from notes of cut hay and straw, barley sugars and herbs, notes of cereals and melted salty butter on granary toast.

Scapa 1993 ₤4.59

Nice notes of gingerbread and vanilla fudge, sweet liquorice....

Singleton of Dufftown ₤3.49

The ideal malt to introduce you to the wonderful world of whisky.

Secret Stills 1986 ₤26.99

The nose is sweet and rich with notes of vanilla, caramel, there are notes of fruit and barley, a little sherry and peat, a touch of oak and smoke.

Talisker 10 Year Old ₤3.39

Notes of kippers, seaweed, apple peels, fresh and fragrant. Palate: Full bodied with huge plumes of smoke and volcanic, peppery peat, intense.

Tobermory 10 Year Old ₤3.89

Gentle, medium-bodied, accessible. Good aperitif malt.



Lowalnd Malts

Auchentoshan 12 Year Old ₤3.59

Butter and lemon, fresh and grassy with an oaky swallow and a warm creamy finish. Auchentoshan Three Wood

Auchentoshan Three Wood ₤4.59

Was matured in three types of casks. Must try!

Glenkinchie 12 Year Old ₤3.69

Refreshing Lowland malt with gentle, sweet, spicy notes. A creamy mouth feel, developing citrus notes in the finish.

Glenkinchie Distiller's Edition Amontillado 1992 £5.59

Specially selected spices and pepper creeps in with a touch of oaked acidity.

Secret Stills 1991 £3.89

Part of Secret Stills collection. The master of malt!

Rosebankl991 ₤4.99

The barley is gentle and graceful with a soft sweetness, a hint of caramel and dry oak. The finish is quite gristy and dry with chewy oak tannins.



Islay Malts

Ardbeg 1993 ₤4.69

An intense and powerful expression. Swirling aromas and torrents of deep, peaty, peppery taste lurk beneath the surface of this beautifully balanced dram. Ardbeg 10 Year Old

Ardbeg 10 Year Old ₤3.39

It's a true classic from Islay, and a must have for any fan of single malt whisky. Bowmore

Bowmore 12 Year Old ₤3.39

Very floral, lots of peat and smoky heather. Ash, hay, coastal, zesty orange.

Bowmore Darkest 15 Year Old £5.69

True Bowmore character, salty, lots of peat, great finish. Bruichladdich 2nd Eddition 12 Year Old

Bruichladdich 2nd Eddition 12 Year Old ₤3.79

Full of flavours like passion fruit, pear, gooseberry, apple, apricot, butterscotch, sweet malted barley, vanilla and thyme, layers of green fruits, citrus fruits and vanilla cream - the perfect aperitif.

Bunnahabhain 12 Year Old ₤3.99

Pronounced 'boon-a-havn' is a mellow whisky with an aromatic flavour and a smooth, long finish.

Bunnahabhain 18 Year Old ₤6.59

Some bruised fruit emerges with a hint of smoke. Iodine. Malt, apple peel.

Caol Ila 12 Year Old ₤3.99

Lighter bodied than many Islay malts, yet with all their typical peatiness.

Caol Ila 1996 ₤5.99

This whiskey is noted for peaty, medicinal, briny and seaweedy character.

Caol Ila Distillers Moscatel 1993 ₤6.99

Peaty and medicinal, so smooth and full of flavours-incredible!

Kilchoman ₤4.99

Musty sherry complements the warm peat and sprightly malt. More fruit, floral notes, toffee, wood oil, spices.

Lagavulin 16 Year Old ₤4.79

The Islay representative in the 'Classic Malts' series is a deep, dry and exceptionally peaty bruiser. Probably the most pungent of all Islay malts. Lagavulin is not for the faint-hearted but inspires fanatical devotion in its many followers.

Laphroaig 10 Year Old ₤3.29

Full-bodied, smoky gem, with a residual sweetness and a hint of salt amidst the seaweedy, peaty characters before a long warming finish. A classic dram.

Port Ellen 1982 ₤17.59

Warms the palate at first due to its high alcohol level. Then a whole array of tastes, peat, smoke, malty, peppery, spices, malty, slight nuttiness.

Smokehead ₤3.49

A really vigorous whisky!



Speyside Malts

Aberlour 10 Year Old ₤2.99

Ideal for beginners, with a fine spiciness.

Aberlour a’Bunadh ₤3.99

Dark, rich and exciting.

Ardmore 1991 ₤3.69

Vanilla and clover shine through the maltiness and overriding bourbon of the nose.

Balvenie 12 Year Old ₤3.89

Matured in two distinct casks bringing fruity and honeyed depths to this single malt.

Balvenie Single Barrel 15 Year Old £5.19

10 -vanilla-pepper oak with light fruit and honey.

Benriach Peated 10 Year Old ₤3.19

It has wonderful overtones of peat reek, combined cleverly with a background of fruity, floral, beatbery notes. Benriness 15 Year Old

Benriness 15 Year Old ₤3.59

Full bodied, big sherry influence and a smoky edge, dried fruit, nutty toffee and vanilla fudge. Finish: Sweet and smoky.

Benromach 10 Year Old ₤3.09

It's smooth almost like sherry with a whisky kick.

Benromach Organic ₤3.69

Unexpected notes of raspberry liqueur in the after taste.

Benromach Sassicaia Wood Finish 2002 ₤3.39

An aperitif on a summers day.

Caperdonich 1994 ₤3.89

One of the rarer whiskies you can get.

Cardhu 12 Year Old ₤3.39

A much-loved single malt, Cardhu is an easygoing, charming Speysider. With clean, crisp oak and sweet malt evoking flavours of honeyed flapjacks and home-made caramel squares, this is one for the sweet-toothed among you.

Cragganmore 12 Year Old ₤3.69

Highly unusual and extremely pleasant drinking whisky.

Craigellachie 1991 ₤3.79

The nose is sweet and fruity. Estery note emerge with creamy vanilla and toasty winter spice. Subtle herbal notes linger with rubbed peppermint and dry wood. The palate is rich and full with a syrupy mouth feel.

Cu Dhub ₤3.59

Cu Dhub means Black Dog in Gaelic. Liquorish, caramel, warm, sweet, round, special, feminine, a light start but evolving to a good smooth taste, light smoke, toffee, like a good bitter, erotic...

Dallas Dhu ₤7.59

There is a sweetness to the nose with crisp clarity. Notes of cereal; malty barley and porridge oats with hints of wheat and a gristy, floury character.

Dufftown 1997 £2.99

Perfectly balanced, naturally rich and smooth.

Glen Elgin 12 Year Old ₤3.99

The nose is quite chewy and of medium body. Notes of gentle smoke and toasted oak. A hint of musty attic with notes of juicy sweet barley and cereals with a pleasant hessian note.

Glen Grant 1993 ₤2.99

"An easy drinking dram"-Chuck Norris

Glen Keith 1993 ₤3.79

Shades of oak and toffee with drying smokiness.

Glen Moray 16 Year Old ₤3.59

Dried fruit mixed with chocolate and spices can be found in the whisky’s aroma. With a dash of water, further notes emerge including barley sugar, a hint of oak smoke and a whiff of peat.

Glen Scotia 12 Year old ₤3.99

Nice vivacity, and the finish is rather long and always quite smoky.

Glenburgie 10 Year Old ₤3.59

An excellent value Speyside malt from Gordon and MacPhail. Matured in first fill sherry butts and refill sherry hogsheads.

Glenfiddich 12 Year Old ₤2.99

A light and elegant, softly sweet malt from Speyside. This well-loved whisky is sure to please.

Glenfiddich Solera Reserve 15 Year Old ₤4.79

Some burnt cake, toffee, charred wood. Medium long finish, like apple pie.

Glenrothes ₤3.89

Sweet, and often a complex with spice, fruit and perfume. A delicious after-dinner malt.

Imperial 1997 £5.29

Honeyed barley and fudge with hints of cooked fruits and amaretto biscuit. The palate is smooth and balanced. There are notes of malty barley and a dark nuttiness with fudge and winter berries with a good oak.

Inchgower 14 Year Old ₤3.99

Tones of blossom and apple peel with cocoa.

Knockando 12 Year old ₤3.99

Easy on the palate and the wallet.

Linkwood 15 Year Old ₤4.15

Lots of cask influence, almost bourbony.

Longmorn 12 Year Old ₤3.69

Lots of crystallized fruits, oranges, bananas, figs...

Macallan 10 Year Old ₤3.59

Matured in Bourbon & Sherry Oak Casks. The Fine Oak range is...more approachable, and has the potential to be embraced by a greater percentage of whisky drinkers....cutting back on the sherry reveals more of the Macallan spirit, which is first-class.

Macallan 18 Year Old ₤8.59

Hints of white fruits. Macallan was not bottled as single malt until late 1970’s. This expression from the Fine Oak Range uses both Bourbon and Sherry matured casks. Lots of wood & ripe pears with a hint of sherry on the palate.

Mannochmore 1990 ₤3.89

Earthy with hints of red apple skins. Boiled fruit sweets with a malty/nuttiness present.

Miltonduff 10 Year Old ₤2.89 /4 Easy drinking, soft flavours and a rounding sweetness.

Mortlach 15 Year Old ₤4.19

The taste is all sweetness with followed by a hint of spice.

Smith's Glenlivet 15 Year Old ₤3.99

Some tannins and some sourish notes, plus some caramel.

Speyburn Bradan Orach ₤2.89

This is definitely a keeper. Excellent on the rocks. A sweet peaty flavor, goes down smooth. Excellent with a pipe full of Burley tobacco. I like this one more than Jamesons or Bushmills.

Speymalt Macallan Collection 1968 ₤26.99

Big on prunes, hints of a chocolate store, blood oranges and tangerine. Raisins, nuts and fig jam but at the same time fresher, younger fruit, like raspberries. Bananas glazed with rum. Heather honey. Very interesting hints of ginger, cumin and other fresh herbs. Dried fruits, figs again, baked apples and notes of bergamot tea, oranges, strawberries. Hints of natural caramel and smoke. Roasted coffee beans. Some nutmeg and pepper. Hints of toffee, dried fruits, tobacco and liquorice.

Speymalt 1999 ₤3.49

Fragrant and floral with hints of fresh mint. A sweetness remains throughout. Palate: Mouth warming with a light spiciness and sweet cream toffee elements. Finish: Long. Body: Medium.

Strathisla 1997 ₤3.89

Finish medium long but ultra-clean, fruity and playful.

The Speyside ₤2.95

Clean, delicate and balanced with a toasted barley aroma. Finish: Lingering hints of vanilla and toffee. Taste: A slightly peaty flavour gives way to creamy ripples of hazelnut. Colour: A warm golden brown. Tormore 12 Year Old

Tormore 12 Year Old ₤2.99

The nose is quite light and fresh. There are notes of cut hay and stemmy grass, cut flowers and a leafy note. Hints of resin and pine oil with malt extract and toasted barley, hints of cinnamon and pepper. The palate is of medium-body and very smooth. There are notes of Dundee marmalade with fresh zesty note.